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Hi! I'm Danny. 😀

I'm a son, husband, Father, writer, creator, strategist, salesman, marketer, entrepreneur, minimalist, and essentialist. I'm also a StoryBrand Certified Guide.

I own Story Sells, a sales and marketing consultancy for small businesses and nonprofits. We help companies drive more sales using the power of clear brand messaging.

I also created a product called One Week Website, which is the easiest way for anyone to launch a StoryBrand website.

I'm interested in LOTS of topics which range from sales to marketing to stories to movies to God to finances to --


And by "you," I mean people. All of us. Humanity. I'm interested in questions like:

  • Why do we do what we do?
  • Why the tension?
  • Why the pain?
  • Why the process?
  • And for Pete's sake (who is Pete by the way? Maybe I need to write an essay about him 😂), how should we approach life with ourselves and the people around us?

My radio frequency

If my website was a radio station, then what would you find? Probably a little 90's r&b, to be honest. 😆 But you'd also find these topics which I like to write about, discuss, and explore:

God & Identity - I'm fascinated by the exploration and parallels between sonship, fatherhood, Jesus, humanity, and identity, or in other words: how we see ourselves as people. I would argue that the essential life skill is the ability for us as people to see ourselves through the same lens Jesus does. I realize that terms like "God" and "Jesus" carry incredible amounts of weight and connotations for people, myself included. I've walked through heavy depression, oppression, abuse, attacks, shame, self-hatred, religious confusion - lots of painful stuff. I don't wear those things as a badge - if anything the pain has forced me to question the why behind it all (thankfully I'm naturally curious) in order to claw, fight, and scratch my way out of the spirals of sadness and sinking sands of despair. I'm thankful that I've landed on some truths that have set me free. I've found incredible resistance in my life for simply asking questions, calling things what they are, or calling loved ones higher when discipleship does its job and both parties are looking at triggers and traumas in the face. I'm extremely loyal and I love really well, especially when things get hard or messy. If I sense there is a trigger, trauma, or big giant to kill in my friendships, then I have zero problems pointing to them, and asking, "what is that?" Why? Because we all deserve to experience true love and freedom. I've found that true love and freedom means saying yes to pain and process. We all tend to feel better after killing the giants in our lives that plague our souls. I want love and freedom to flow between the people closest to me in my life. I have an insanely high standard for myself and others, which means that I will let my loved ones know if a pain they refuse to face is affecting our relationship. I also refuse to allow my existence to be the target or landing place for other people trapped in their traumas, triggers, or pains. I'd rather go on the offensive to get free than live in denial or avoidance of pain for my entire life.

Relationships - The largest source of our pain as people but vital to our health and development. I desperately desire to do relationships well. I want to reverse the curse of bad relationships. I want to run towards conflict instead of away from it. I want to run towards emotional health instead of stuffing emotions down and labeling them as "bad." The entire gospel of Jesus rests on loving God, loving others, and loving ourselves. The richness of the Bible and God is awesome, but I'm forever fascinated by the simplicity of it all as well especially as it relates to relationships. Also, the reality that God has so much mystery and levels that no human being will ever reach. We never "arrive" with God and if anything, the more you know the less you know. But I know that growth comes through the realization that what I need as a human being is in another person! The entire gospel of Jesus rests on discipleship (relationships!). We get weird when we allow pain to cause our hearts to say, "I'm done with people!" As much as it hurts to get back on the horse, we must. Love is on the other end of having the courage to address conflict well. We live in a fallen, sinful world - of course, your relationships will have conflict! We need to figure out how to do this better instead of "hoping" it will get better one day.

Self Awareness & Emotional Intelligence - I believe every one of us is worth 16B dollars. An essay on that idea is forthcoming. But I'm interested in understanding how to love God, ourselves, and others around us practically? I believe the "practical how" starts with knowing our worth, which means not feeling shame when you take the time to explore who you are, how you think, and what your strengths are. I love talking about self-discovery tools like Enneagram, Strengths Finder, or anything that helps you to know that you are worth 16B dollars. 😁 Also, ever since I was a kid, I could walk into a room and instantly know things. I could feel things. It was challenging for me to see that I am gifted in this way for many reasons that I will explore, but now I'm so thankful that empathy and curiosity are my top strengths. They help me to understand people and craft solutions to help them.

Business - I believe economies are one of the holiest institutions ever created. Again, an essay on this idea is forthcoming. 😂 I revere business owners - so much so that I believe my life's work is to serve them and help them grow. And while I'm interested in assisting them in growing their business, I also have a sneaky suspicion that I'm called to serve them personally, like Joseph served Pharaoh (and his vision) in the Bible. I want to honor business owners, explore who they are, and show them (and others) how they've been destined to do what they do their entire life. And why what they do is an incredible act of love. For many of us, our businesses are our holy acts and it's prime time to recognize it.

High Performing Creatives - This topic is related to personal development. Still, thanks to my coach Mark, I discovered that I'm a high-performing creative, which means I must spend my time creating creative assets that live on forever. Mark is a new relationship for me as of this writing (July 2020), but his influence on me has been life-changing. I believe there are thousands of frustrated high-performing creatives that are destined to create so people can break free of their shame, depression, and bondage.

The church model - I believe the church's primary model is going to flip in the next couple of decades. I think it'll move from a centralized retail model to a decentralized discipleship model. As you can tell, I write about light, entertaining things on this website. 😂

Children - If you read this essay, then you will know why children mean so much to me. We are all children on the inside, which means that Mothers and Fathers have incredible responsibilities to overcome trauma and slay their giants so that future generations don't have to walk through what they did. This is very hard, but one of the most important things in life. Hearing or seeing kids getting hurt is my kryptonite.

The education model - I believe the future educational model looks like a student-led micro-school. We are big fans of models like Acton Academy.

I'll be adding more to this website over time, but in the meantime, please subscribe to my email list if you want me to email you when I release new writings. Thanks for stopping by!